Élite Runners


  Name Surname Country
Hayden Hawks HAYDEN HAWKS U.S.A. 922
Pau Capell PAU CAPELL SPA 906
Tim Tollefson TIM TOLLEFSON U.S.A. 902
Stephan Hugenschmidt STEPHAN HUGENSCHMIDT GER 898
Marcin Swierc MARCIN ŚWIERC POL 874
Aurelien Collet AURÉLIEN COLLET FRA 867
Min Qi MIN QI CHN 866
DiegoPazos DIEGO PAZOS SUI 855
Helio Fumo HÉLIO FUMO POR 853
Paddy O'Leary PADDY O'LEARY EIRE 851
Sebas Sanchez Saez SEBAS SANCHEZ SAEZ SPA 850
Scott Hawker SCOTT HAWKER NZL 840
Tyler Green TYLER GREEN U.S.A. 836
Robert Hajnal ROBERT HAJNAL ROU 834
Stefano Fantuz STEFANO FANTUZ ITA 831
Alexandre Mayer ALEXANDRE MAYER FRA 829
Emanuele Ludovisi EMANUELE LUDOVISI ITA 823
Sacha Devillaz SACHA DEVILLAZ FRA 823
Guillaume Beauxis GUILLAUME BEAUXIS FRA 822
Carlo Salvetti CARLO SALVETTI ITA 821
Iokin Garai JOKIN GARAI SPA 821
Ugo Ferrari UGO FERRARI FRA 814
Sange Sherpa SANGÉ SHERPA NEP 811
Francisco Freitas FRANCISCO FREITAS POR 806
Andrea Macchi ANDREA MACCHI ITA 805
Fabio Di Giacomo FABIO DI GIACOMO ITA 805
Roberto Mastrotto ROBERTO MASTROTTO ITA 805
Gregoire Curmer GREGOIRE CURMER FRA 803
Stefano Ruzza STEFANO RUZZA ITA 803


Mira Rai MIRA RAI NPL 772
Clare Gallagher CLARE GALLAGHER U.S.A. 769
Keely Henninger KEELY HENNINGER U.S.A. 768
Miao Yao MIAO YAO CHN 768
Nuria Picas NURIA PICAS SPA 753
Kelly Wolf KELLY WOLF U.S.A. 751
Taylor Nowlin TAYLOR NOWLIN U.S.A. 732
Darcy Piceu DARCY PICEU U.S.A. 724
Beth Pascal BETH PASCALL U.K. 721
Kathrin Goetz KATHRIN GÖTZ SUI 717
Ajda Radinja AJDA RADINJA SLO 710
Fernanda Maciel FERNANDA MACIEL BRA 710
Emma Roca EMMA ROCA SPA 706
Amy Sproston AMY SPROSTON U.S.A. 705
Lou Clifton LOU CLIFTON AUS 700



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