Each competitor receives with his/her race bib, one bag. Once filled with his/her stuff and closed, the bag can be deposit at the Palestra Revis, within 7 pm of Friday 29th June.

The bag will be transported by the organization to Rifugio Auronzo, 48th kilometer of the race. When reaching Rifugio Auronzo, each runner will have his/her bag back.

Before leaving again the bags can be left to the organization crew in the area set aside for this purpose, in order to be taken back to Cortina.

The bags are handed back either to the competitor or to their entourage, uniquely on presentation of the race number. They must have been collected within two hours of the end of the race. After that, the runner will have to come in person to recover the bag in Cortina, at his own costs.

Only the bags supplied by the organization will be transported. Sticks are not transportable within these bags.
Any complaint about the contents on arrival is not acceptable.

It is recommended not to put valuable objects in it.