La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail will be part of 2021 Spartan Trail World Championship, an exclusive championship with new format and events reaching the global trail running community.

The Spartan Trail World Championship has 10 stops around the world, across four continents, which give points for a final leaderboard, split into two categories: “Trail Run Championship” (up to 49k distances) and “Trail Ultra Championship” (50k or more distances).

Each stop is categorized by three different labels, which separate from each other by the amount of points and prize money they give, based on events hierarchy and antiquity.

Lavaredo Ultra Trail is one of the 4 Crown Label stops with the 120k race among the Trail Ultra Championship and Cortina Trail 48k among the Trail Run Championship. Spartan Trail World Championship is the perfect motivation to leave behind a year that kept us away from the sport we love the most!

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